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Rules to Be Observed in Exams


  • Students who took the exam, students must take over as the identification during the exam.
  • Students are required to take the exam in the hall announced.
  • Any student to go out is not allowed examination of the first 15 minutes after the start in the midterm, final exam is not allowed in the first 30 minutes. Students coming out of any reason not retake the examination.
  • Exam students can be delayed for the first 15 minutes of the exam, student exam will not be delayed beyond the specified time.
  • Students entering are obligated the mobile phone during the exam certainly keep off, to maintain in a invisible place. Be the quiet location of the mobile phone is not enough. Responsibility in this matter rests entirely with the student.
  • Examination rules to comply is a matter which is the responsibility of each student. Students talk with each other during the exam is forbidden to help cheat or copy withdrawal. Those who cheat in exams or exam situation of the students who helped disrupt the withdrawal order is determined by the record copy by supervisors and legal proceedings initiated against them.
  • Calculators in exams is controlled by the lecturers, joint use of calculators during the test is strictly prohibited.
  • The students took the exam supervisor is obliged to comply with the warning of the exam. Supervisor instructors can create the necessary seating, place to make changes.
  • Wiped clean of papers related to the courses on desk or near its and students are responsible for the removal of the course grade.
  • During the exam students pencils, erasers, rulers and so on. It is prohibited to use common tools and instruments. Each student is responsible to keep them with their pencil and eraser.
  • Students, finished exam,  must submit questionnaire, and if there is answer paper, response where the examiners noted the paper.