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Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology


      Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmacy founded in 2012 in Erzincan University is located within the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences. Pharmaceutical Microbiology, properties of microorganisms that cause infections in humans, the diseases caused by these microorganisms and microbiological methods used in the diagnosis of this disease is viewed. Antimicrobial agents and microbial production of derived products, as well as quality control and sterilization-disinfection methods of use and general interest topics like hygiene.

      Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, which is an interdisciplinary field of science have assimilated the basic concepts and their application in all areas of the profession aims to educate pharmacists are capable. In addition to this, our department, closely following developments in the field of Pharmaceutical Microbiology public health service makes the current research and knowledge acquired in this way students aims to transfer most effectively.