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Department of Pharmacology


      In general sense of pharmacology, pharmaceutical science is and which includes all kinds of information about drugs. Pharmacology examines drugs to interact with biological systems. So it determine optimal  drug which are needed for disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention. Pharmacology is concerned with origins and obtaining of drugs, their effects and side effects in the body, toxicity and treatment of these conditions. Pharmacology, newly synthesized and disaggerated substances of effects from plants, examining biological structure on animal experiments with laboratory studies, clinical research on people  which is contributed to study drug development is a medical and pharmaceutical science.

      In the other words; from the manufacture of drugs, to be made available, drugs and biological science that studies the interactions between strings is. Pharmacology, live experiments and clinical applications of research on this complex and intensive process that extends into many sub-branches and helpful executes closely associated with science.



Büşra DİNÇ
İ. Çağrı