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Department of Pharmacognosy

           Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs of natural origin of plants that, collected from nature, identification of them, drying of them, storage of them, extraction processes, isolation, chemical composition, the feature of qualitative and quantitative, the determination of biological activity.

      Synthetic drugs with adverse effects on health and because of easily interactions with foods and other used drugs are limited to use in recent years. There is a rapid increase are observed in the use of natural products against diseases due to adverse effects. It also has many poor quality products available to the folk in the face of high demand. They are many more research about these and find they are so useful for human healthy, and presentation on the market increasingly, however synthetic drugs are get decrease in at the market. There are many more problem diskind of products because Ministry of Agriculture controlled these products as improve to country. It has to be controlled by Ministry of Health. There are some threat on public health, so as to measure we must choice good education background person. We have to give good education on faculty of pharmacy and than we check it every level natural drug products at science of Pharmacognosy.


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Bilge AYDINAraş. Gö
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