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Department of Pharmacy Management

      Pharmacy management, business knowledge and skills in individual and organizational dimensions of scale in the field of pharmacy is the reflection of the sciences and the arts.

      The scientific studies are continued in the scope of social pharmacy and pharmacy practices (community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, phamaceutical industry, medication management and drug policy). The main research areas are:

  • Pharmacoeconomy,
  • Pharmacoepidemiolgy,
  • pharmacoantropology,
  • Pharmacoethics,
  • Pharmaceutical marketing,
  • Pharmaceutical logistics,
  • Drug pricing and reimbursement ,
  • Patent,
  • Communication between patient and pharmacist,
  • Rational drug use,
  • Drug compliance,
  • Preventing drug abuse,
  • History of pharmacy,
  • Work environment and psychology (Job satisfaction, burnout, work-family conflict),
  • Pharmacy education.

      Occupational profiles of graduates are governmental institutions like Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution, several positions in private sector, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and academy.