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Department of Biochemistry



      Biochemistry; chemical reactions that occur in organisms is a science that investigates. On the basis of health and life sciences are included. Science of biochemistry, molecular biology, biology of cell and biology of enzymes as well as of traditional disciplines such as genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics new scientific fields such as covers. Biomolecules (eg, RNA, DNA, protein) in normal and pathological states of the organism  to examine the changes observed in the levels is the main subject of the science of biochemistry. Therefore, determination of the causes of diseases and in the design of a medicament for use in removing lead and Biochemistry in detection of the target site plays an important role in science.

      Our Department provides training within the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences since the Faculty of Pharmacy founded. We are a highly interactive group of faculty with diverse research interests in biochemistry, diabetes related complications, cancer, enzyme activity and inhibition studies; oxidative stress, enzyme immunoassay (ELISA or EIA). We use different kinds of experimental systems to address the cellular and molecular mechanisms of biological processes, particularly those that relate broadly to human disease.

      Undergraduate courses conducted by our department, students live and drug-related physiological and pathological effects of events required for an understanding is intended to be issued of the theoretical and practical training of the basic biochemistry. In addition, the diagnosis of disease and monitoring of students for the purpose of biochemical tests performed on biological materials and drugs that interfere with this test are introduced.


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